Zaurus Mysql Relational Database.

Why would any one want a high power data base like mysql on a palmtop? The main reason is the powerfull combination of the Apache+php server and mysql. this opens up a large field of php applications to be used on the zaurus. The possibiliy includes things like accounting programs,inventory,address book,agenda etc.... all accesed through the built in Opera browser.

These packages were snarfed from the debian-arm distribution.
the files "/etc/mysql/my.cnf", "/etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql" and "/usr/bin/safe_mysqld" have been edited to run on the Zaurus

the scripts /usr/bin/mysqlstart and  /usr/bin/mysqlstop should be used to start/stop the server.



There are two; ipk packages here for the mysql  setup on the Sharp Zaurus.
  1. The full pack including all libraries and a very basic mysql database allowing root access from any client 
  2. The patch for those of you that have the -1 mod and want the -2 version.


Please let me have any comments on how this package can be improved. e-mail me